Poetry in Windows

“Poetry in Windows” was a poetry competition which is open to all people who are age of 10-17, with all shortlisted entries to be posted in shop windows for public viewing. The project was a collaboration between the Canadian High Commission, The Future Centre Trust, Coral Reef Restoration Alliance, The National Cultural Foundation, and The Youth Development Programme. The theme of the event was centered on the environment and climate action. The competition aimed to: a) increase students’ awareness of their surrounding ecology, b) improve students’ literacy skills, specifically in respect to creating poetry, and c) expose the public to students’ poetry about climate action.

Poems addressed the topic of Climate Change. Entries were judged on their poetic merit (use of poetic devices, command of language, craft and impact) along with their depiction of our exploration of the theme and topics on Climate Change and Climate Action. 

Entries were submitted by 24th September 2018. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Special Mention in 10-13 and 14-17 age categories. Awards were presented to the winners and special mentions on 24th October 2018 the International Day of Climate Action. 

All short-listed entries were displayed in shop windows at Limegrove, Sheraton and Sky Mall and Days Bookstore, during the week of 14 October, 2018.

Here are the winning poems: