by Christopher Douglas

Take a gander through worlds carefully crafted, moulded and shaped into the ideas of those who reign above.

But all is not overt, leaving imperfect minds to observe and guide has fostered ambiguous consequences.

Cracks are emerging deep within the seams of reality; the once orderly is evanescing, progressively revealing the demise of  PERFECTION

A Collection of Bits, Pieces and Snippets is the first in a collection of bits, pieces and snippets of stories that focuses on the concept of creating and controlling perfection and its inevitable downfall in the hands of imperfect beings.

About the Author

In love with writing and literature, Christopher joined the writers scene at a young age but it wasn’t until 2019 when he would publish his first book of short stories. After enjoying “Perfection”, he invites you to await with keen anticipation his next collection. Additionally, Chris has created a place, infinity Legacy Publishing, where other writers can publish their work and become recognized authors in the shark tank of publishers.