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  1. Beth's Holiday with Granny

    Beth's Holiday with Granny
    Join Beth on her adventures as she frolics, travels and models her way across these pages. Beth is nine years old, and attends a primary school in Bridgetown, Barbados. She usually spent her holidays at her Grandmother’s home. At nine years of age Beth still had many experiences. Her Grandmother shares some of these with you.
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  2. Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration

    Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration
    What do you do if your child’s storybooks don’t reflect who they are? Philip Robinson had this problem when he found that none of his daughter’s princess books matched up with her Caribbean heritage. So he took matters into his own hands, writing and publishing his own book called 'Nia and the Kingdoms of Celebration'.
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  3. Dark Energy

    Dark Energy

    It all started with a discussion in a sociology class about man's nature: are we guided by our conscience, or are we driven by a dark energy? Young Barbadian university student Licia Small doesn't know it yet, but she's about to find out. Conservative, 'good-girl' Licia has a happy life with her parents, but this is quickly snatched away from her when she loses her mother and learns the ugly truth about her father. Life becomes even more complicated for Licia when her desperate circumstances and the people she meets test her ability to stay true to her positive goals, morals and values. 

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  4. Westminister's Jewel

    Westminister's Jewel

    WESTMINSTER’S JEWEL, is a rare exposé on the history and evolution of Barbadian society, that will captivate both Barbadians (and other Caribbeans) and citizens of the United Kingdom unfamiliar with the history of British colonialism in the Caribbean. The book is an interesting mix of narrative and poetry, done in the author’s own elegant – at times caustic style.

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  5. Barbados’ Most Wanted

    Barbados’ Most Wanted

    Barbados Most Wanted exposes the mind of the criminal. How does he think? What is his motivation? The workings of the criminal justice system in Barbados is also on show, as patterns in convictions, sentences, punishment and bail also emerge.

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