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Generation Entrepreneur Crainer/Dearlove - Pearso

Generation Entrepreneur Crainer/Dearlove - Pearso

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Generation Entrepreneur: Shape Today's Business Reality, Create Tomorrow's Wealth, Do Your Own Thing

by: Stuart Crainer; Des Dearlove


Forget Raising Hell; Raise Capital Instead Something has changed the business world. Big business has lost its allure for the new generation. Where once youthful employees pursued corporate goals, generation entrepreneur dream their own dreams. Corporate man is dead. Long live generation entrepreneur This is the age of the entrepreneur. What began in Silicon Valley as a dream for a select few has become a worldwide phenomenon. For growing numbers of young business people, creating a business has become a calling, a vocation, a mission. They are what they do, and they do what they are. Above all, they do their own thing.In the business world, grey hair and conservative suits used to be compulsory. Now fresh faced entrepreneurs in combat trousers stare out from countless business magazines...Gen e is the new reality...this is a zeitgeist. E stands for entrepreneurial energy and much more. - Executive Express Generation X was a demographic convenience, a neat label. Generation Entrepreneur is reality; a movement of minds and bodies to the new rhythm of commerce. The new generation think differently about business. They are making connections that no one has thought of before.The change is evident even to the naked eye. In business, grey hair and conservative suits used to be compulsory. Button-down constraint was the order of the corporate day. Now fresh-faced entrepreneurs in combat pants stare out from countless business magazines. They do not conform. They have no need to belong. And, they are wildly successful. The men and women who are the new wealth-creators and shapers of business are Generation Entrepreneur. This new breed of entrepreneurs think differently about life in general - and business in particular. They are the new generation of e-literate, entrepreneurial managers and knowledge workers and they are unlike anything that came before. Most people have heard of gen e's big hitters: thirty-somethings like Michael Dell, founder of Dell Corporation, and Jeff Bezos, founder of; and twenty-somethings like the co-founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen. This is just the tip of the iceberg - and it's an iceberg that is sinking old-style corporations. Generation Entrepreneur takes the opportunity to define the moment and envisage the future. It examines generation e from every angle: Who are generation entrepreneur?What are their values? Is loyalty really dead? How do generation entrepreneurs balance their work and life? What are the implications for corporations? Where are the hotbeds of activity? What drives these people and what are their key characteristics? Corporate man died out in the downsizing age. The Yuppies look Neanderthal by comparison. Generation Entrepreneur is running the show now - and making up the new rules of business as it goes along. Meet the new wealth creators. Read the handbook for the new business generation.


ISBN: 9780273649205
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 272
Date Published: 18 May 00
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited
Series: Financial Times Series


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