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As publiser representatives for Oxford University Press (OUP), we are pleased to present Kerboodle on-line subscriptions.  

Each subject area selected takes you directly to Oxford University Press' website.  Oxford University Press website customer service representative will process your Kerboodle order and invoice you directly.


The online teaching, learning and assessment service

Kerboodle works alongside your course textbooks to create a truly blended learning solution. Packed with customisable learning content, assessment materials and reporting tools, Kerboodle allows you to seamlessly integrate quality digital resources into your classroom.

Over 1 million students and teachers currently use Kerboodle across 40 courses and a wide range of subjects including Modern Languages, Science, Mathematics, English and Geography.






Kerboodle provides:


- Teacher notes, planning materials and on-screen lesson presentations.
- A range of assessment materials including auto-marked tests, self-assessment checklists and a variety of support materials.
- In-depth reporting functionality to monitor homework and track progress.
- An extensive bank of learning resources including videos, animations, podcasts, worksheets and digital versions of the textbooks.
- A wealth of help and support. 




Use the list below to find out more about Kerboodle courses for your subject and view or play sample content.

Secondary & Vocational Kerboodle Learning Content: